Henry Lust for Powder Springs City Council at large, Post 2

“...help Powder Springs become an inspiring and thriving destination.“

Henry's vision for Powder Springs is to help our city reach its awesome potential - to become an inspiring and thriving destination. A safe and inviting place for our children to grow, and for visitors to admire the quality of life of those that live here. A place where people want to Live, Work, Worship, Eat and Play.

He has proven himself to be a humble, dedicated, servant leader and helper of our local community. If elected as Powder Springs City Councilman at Large, Post 2, he will work diligently to bring his vision to fruition by:

1.) Helping the city staff attract businesses that will create reliable jobs for our city's residents and serve our

citizens' needs. 

2.) Supporting the further development of quality housing for our seniors, families and young adults.

3.) Assisting with the continued improvement of our roads and increasing transportation options.

4.) Facilitating the creation of quality programs and opportunities to keep our city growing and expanding.

5.) Promoting community involvement to help keep our city safe and inviting for all citizens.

“...attract businesses
that will create reliable
jobs for our city's residents
and serve our citizens' needs.”

6.) Being an advocate for our schools to ensure our children receive an excellent education. For those adults without diplomas, ensure they are assisted with easy access to GED instruction and testing. Promote off campus college courses to be offered in Powder Springs.